The reverse honey-do list


It’s a beautiful morning and you have just had a hot cup of coffee while reading the morning paper, the sun is shining and you have just decided to play a rousing round of golf with some of the guys at the club. You have your golf bag in hand, head out the door and just as you are about to close the trunk, you hear those words that every man dreads after a long hard week of work “Honey, could you take care of a few things today!” Arghhh! The Infamous ‘honey do’ list, that little piece of paper that brings forth groans of terror for most mortal men. Ah, but you are not most men, you are a Sugar daddy! You are not the meek and mild mannered man, with the self proclaimed BBW for a wife, you are the crème of the crop of single wealthy men, and deserve to fight the good fight on behalf of the less fortunate (married) men of the world.

The Sugar daddy is the eliminator of financial anxiety for many attractive women, he is the provider of experience to those less privileged than himself and asks nothing more than some wonderful companionship, a bit of affection and maybe, just maybe, a few odd jobs done around the home to alleviate some of the burdens of daily life. This reverse ‘honey do’ list is not much to ask for considering what he offers. So the next time you are about to step onto one of your favorite beaches for a day of fun in the sun, and you happen see a beautiful young girl in a very small bikini within the gates of a beach estate hard at work putting that final coat of wax on a bright red Ferrari. Also notice that dapper gentleman sitting in a beach chair with the newspaper, overseeing the effort. Don’t keep walking by while wondering why such an attractive woman is slaving over such a task, go and offer that man a drink, and perhaps you may soon find yourself driving that magnificent automobile and looking over your very own ‘Daddy-Do’ list!


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6 responses to “The reverse honey-do list

  1. ..okay its official you are a god ahahahahaahahahahahhahhhhaah….I read your column even before I read the sports pages. I dont have a honey do word HOUSEKEEPERhahahhaha but keep beddin the honies and I will keep admiring…Zman sends

  2. Tiara

    This is the best blog ever…it’s good to hear from the point of view of a sugar daddy (I’m a sugar baby and have the best sugar daddy ever). But I was wondering, do you think it’s possible to go from being a pure SD/SB arrangement to being in an actual committed relationship? I know it can happen, but what do you think are the odds of it happening, especially if the guy is single and has never been married but would like to get married one day?

  3. jayssugarbaby

    LOL. You are absolutely right. I’ll gladly scrub a car (or even a toilet) in exchange for not having to work overtime. Laughing my ass off @ “self-proclaimed bbw for a wife”

  4. Hi Tiara,

    Thanks for the comment. I think you answered your question, you mention your guy wants to get married one day so why not to you?

  5. girldujour

    What does BBW stand for?

  6. Chloë

    So then, what would be on YOUR ‘Daddy-do’ list? 😉

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