Relationship Compatibility


Are you someone that can appreciate the architecture of a unique building, or someone that notices each distinct change in the transition of seasons? While it’s a fact that a good portion of the population is attune to visual stimuli and the intricate nuances of everyday life, many may not realize that this trait easily carries over into the dating world.

As humans, we are often drawn to meet people that are like ourselves; whether it be in socio-economic status, political views, profession or hobbies. However, if you are someone that is drawn to the simple pleasures of life, such as a bug crawling on a leaf and the shapes the clouds are forming on a blue sky day, you may be unaware that you are already subscribing to the laws of attraction.

For those that appreciate beauty and aesthetics, the laws of attraction to meet people are best translated into seeking out those of great beauty and the most attractive of women. For those who value intelligent conversation and intellectual stimuli, those people will undeniably be drawn to those of similar intellectual depth and breadth.

The laws of attraction vary with each individual and of course can also change over time as each person continues to personally grow and expand their own interests. Because of this, some may consider the term “laws of attraction” an oxymoron, whereas there is no set law; we are all drawn to dating different types of people for different reasons. It should be noted that to meet people by means of the law of attraction does not suggest that there will be relationship compatibility for these individuals beyond dating. It merely indicates that there is a reasonable basis to begin exploring further possibilities.

It is the laws of attraction that initially draw us to another person, but it is chemistry that will form a lasting connection. Without chemistry, you are merely admiring the beauty or attributes of another.
While finding a possible companion attractive is important, and may be what originally caught your eye, there is so much more to be considered when building on relationship compatibility or just dating. So when meeting people or someone new, whether there may be romantic intentions or just a new friend, keep your eyes open to not only what is on the outside, but the substance behind the beauty.



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4 responses to “Relationship Compatibility

  1. excellent advice ; )

  2. To me law of attraction is a perfect form of energy booster. I don’t take anything that happen in my life to be anyone else’s fault. I know I have attracted it and I should think positive on it to get myself out of such future problems.
    your articles feed is really good. keep writing

  3. This is a way better article than others you have written lately… good thoughts here.

  4. Tiara

    Great advice…

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