Beautiful women are just as approachable as any other woman


when it comes to dating women there never seems to be a shortage of advice available. there are many myths floating around which can be quite misleading. One popular myth is that women prefer bad boys. For some women this may be the case but for the majority of females out there looking for a meaningful relationship, most would prefer to be with a nice gentleman who treats them well.  I think people are confusing bad boys with confidence. Have you ever heard of a bad boy who lacked self confidence? If a female is attracted to a bad boy, it is his confidence that is attracting her not his rudeness or abusive behavior.

Most nice guys tend to be somewhat shy and quiet which is fine but if they lack self confidence they may find themselves having difficulty attracting women. The ideal combination would be to exude confidence while at the same time being a nice guy who respects not only himself but others as well.
 The second popular myth is that women are not approachable. This is simply not the case as quite a few attractive women would actually welcome a man approaching her in a respectful manner. The problem is that most men are intimidated by gorgeous women and as a result many of these attractive females find themselves with very few dates. Beautiful women are just as approachable as any other woman which means you shouldn’t let their good looks intimidate you.


The third popular myth is that single women are after men who have a great deal of wealth. Once again this may be true for some women but for the majority of females this is not the case.  If a woman is attracted to a wealthy man, there is a good chance that it is not his money that has impressed her but rather his character. Acquiring wealth is not an easy task and it takes a special kind of person to be able to achieve such success.  Most wealthy men are passionate, well spoken, determined, confident goal driven individuals who are very clear about what they want in life. It is these qualities that women are attracted to not necessarily a man’s wealth.



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3 responses to “Beautiful women are just as approachable as any other woman

  1. zentiment

    Myth #2 nails it. A beautiful woman prollie gets drooled over by lowlife guys all day. If you don’t come up to her respectfully how is she supposed to know you’re not just trying to get in her pants? (To be blunt, ha). That you’re not just another one of those guys.

  2. guessworker

    It is possible to reduce this huge posterior….

  3. Hi there,
    Like what you wrote, but what about men who are good looking? My boyfriend and I broke up in July and I was devastated. He said he wasn’t ready for a serious commitment (we were together 2 years, he is 28 and I am 22).

    I finally was able to start dating again(after months of crying and heartache)but when I did, I found myself with guys who thought they were so good looking they could date as many women as they wanted and they did! I’m told I am pretty and wondered why is it that some men who date want more than just one woman? I decided to forget about dating at the moment because of the frustration.

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