Extramarital affairs


Extramarital affairs have been around since the dawn of time. It has always been portrayed in the movies and on television of how the married man gets the urge to stray from his marital vows. This was best illustrated by the movie starring Marilyn Monroe called “The Seven Year Itch” which has as its premise, that a substantial number of the male population will, or want to have such extramarital affairs after seven years of wedded bliss. This movie was released in 1955, lets now skip ahead to the 21st century and although men are still subject to that seven year itch, the time frame may have been reduced considerably, but the seven day itch is just so wrong, even in my mind. The new aspect of the extra-marital affair is that it is just as common for women to participate in such activities as men. Whether it is due to the women’s liberation movement or the increase in couples getting married for the wrong reasons or even the escalation of online dating, the fact is clear, extra-marital affairs are still a part of everyday society.

I am a firm believer that the increase and availability of online dating sites has amplified the number of extramarital affairs taking place. I have come to this conclusion not merely because of the sheer number of venues on the World Wide Web catering to every manner of need or fetish but because of the incredible expertise of the marketing departments of these websites. Just as the alcohol and tobacco companies utilize the newest and most effective advertising techniques to draw your business, so do the online dating sites. Just as it is required for an individual to be 18 or older to purchase cigarettes or booze, it is also necessary be of age in order to join most online dating sites. These extra-marital affairs are not totally the result of targeted advertising, but more so, the product of individuals that are not happy about something or someone in their personal lives and are just being a bit selfish as to how they combat those feelings. I personally would like to get back to the days when a man can come home to his wife and lie to her saying that he has been having an affair, as in today’s society it may be easier on him than telling her he was out playing golf!


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  1. Carly

    Just like being gay was considered a taboo in the past. Adultery will follow the same thing. Lets face it relationships change and who are we to judge the actions of others.

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