Fork in the road


“When you get to the fork in the road…take it,” This is a famous ‘Yogi-ism’ meaning that life throws you many curve balls and then get to a point at which you have to make a choice, you make that choice and deal with the consequences as they arrive. OK, this may not be exactly what the Hall of Fame catcher of the New York Yankees may have meant, but it felt good just using it in my blog. What can be inferred from this famous saying is that everyday we are faced with challenges, both professionally and emotionally whether you are attractive women or a wealthy man, or anything in between. There is no such thing as problems, only challenges that need to be overcome. The attractive women may have it very easy when it comes to social situations, yet may have severe panic or anxiety when it comes to business or finances. Wealthy men might be just the opposite, as business is second nature to them, however social skills may be severely lacking. It is for this reason that I feel these two types of individuals work so well together, as one can pick up where the other is deficient and have a damn good time in the process.

Even though attractive women and wealthy men do frequently travel in the same circles, they may very well have difficulty in approaching each other, as one may make the first move while the other may shy away. The internet has made bringing these two diverse individuals together very easy, as each can initiate or continue a conversation in the safety and security of their own living room. By the time each is ready and willing to meet the other, the proverbial ice has been broken and a comfort level reached. I am not saying that all attractive women or wealthy men have these difficulties, but for those that do, the Internet has become the great equalizer. These relationships work well because they are mutually beneficial, as each party receives something in return for their efforts. As a student of human nature its fun to see how various people react in a range of situations, and in the immortal words of Mr. Yogi Berra, “you can observe a lot by watching.”

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