Women staying single


Have you noticed that more and more single women are waiting until they are in their thirties and forties before taking the plunge into matrimony? There are many theories as to why women are staying single longer and none of them have anything to do with men being able to run faster. Careers and the women’s independence movement might have more to do with it as a vast majority of women are now spending much greater portions of their lives getting higher educations and hammering away at the glass ceiling. Advances in medical sciences are now making it safer for women to have children later in life and women’s lib now makes it socially acceptable for females to live the same exciting and unrestrained life once only permissible to their male counterparts.

The efficiency and effectiveness of online dating has also allowed single women to have more time for a career while still being able to have an acceptable amount of social interaction. Dating and work has become a delicate balance of two worlds, and single women today find that with the arrival of the Internet they do not have to sacrifice to achieve. The trend of single women staying unattached until later in life signals the arrival of what Susan B. Anthony and the suffragette movement began so many years ago, equal rights. Yes now, women can smoke in public, vote or even run for President of the United States of America! However there are still things that are beyond a women’s ability to which even the internet can’t put right, these are the ability to not yell if I leave the toilet seat up, the daily incidence of the “honey do list”, “Honey go do this” or “Honey, please do that”. Although we think women are truly on equal footing with men now, they have actually surpassed and are the dominant gender as we can no longer win. If we try to be caring and buy her presents and flowers we are after something, if we don’t we are not thoughtful! Yes, the days of women staying single longer may be liberating for that gender but for men, it is time to watch reruns of “married with children” and take notes.



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2 responses to “Women staying single

  1. SinlgeOnlineDating

    Very interesting post which goes into some areas that could be examined in-depth in essay form. I do think that woman waiting longer to have children is not entirely safe as special needs children are more apt to be born to woman in their 40s.

  2. Kate Singley

    Princess Bubble is a good example of single women that just enjoy where they are.

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