Love Online


This post has to do with both men and women; you might even go so far as to call it a bisexual posting as the thoughts here can apply to either men or women. With the incredible surge in the online dating population the Internet dating sites have now become the pick-up joints of the 21st century, even more than that they have become the virtual hamburger helper of connections; just add IM’s and ‘poof’ you have a relationships. Now I truly understand how these instantaneous relationships come about; people have little time to scour the singles scene therefore may be longing to be in a relationship. It is relatively easy to strike up a conversation and take that to a friendship and then to a cyber-relationship. What freaks me out quite often is the speed at which a harmless little email can turn into a torrid love affair in a matter of days! I am not saying true romances cannot begin via the web what I am concerned about is how quickly individuals begin professing their undying love online for one another with out even having met in real life!

It is so hard for me to fathom how quickly people can say “I love you” while barely knowing the bare essentials of the other person. I’m not saying love at first site does not exist, but love after several clicks and emails is a bit much for me to comprehend. In the real world outside of internet dating it bothers me when someone says they love me after only a few dates as I feel that is a powerful statement and should not be used lightly. So, needless to say it is even more puzzling to me how online daters can use it so quickly and frequently. I invite those of you who prowl the World Wide Web to challenge me on this topic as I’m not sure as to whether I am justified in my way of thinking or just ridiculously old-fashioned.



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