As a Sugar daddy, looks do play a big part.


So there I was, finishing an hour long body forging class at the local fitness center; its funny how when I was young and had no money it was called a gym, now that I’m older and it costs $125.00 a month to go and sweat profusely, its called a fitness center. I was making the rounds on my way to the locker room for a bit of a sauna and a shower when I noticed a strange short man struggling with one of the weight machines. This tiny person was either a member of the munchkins union or possibly even a midget transsexual, but nevertheless was in a bit of difficulty, with no one willing to lend a hand. I gallantly, if not cautiously positioned myself to assist if needed. After a mutual nod of acknowledgement I continued to the showers. It has always bothered me that some people will automatically regard another with disdain or pity for looking a bit different or having a physical abnormality, not realizing that the aesthetic appearance may be just a house for something much greater, as is the case with the brilliant British physicist Stephen Hawking. As a Sugar daddy, looks do play a big part in the women I date however given the choice of two attractive women, the less attractive if educated and possessing a delightful personality will win out every time. Unfortunately, online dating doesn’t lend itself easily to determining personality quickly.

As I was leaving the shower area, several other members seemed to part like the red sea as the little man was entering a shower stall. This was funny in two ways, as I was trying to decide if they were genuinely afraid of this man, or were intimidated in that this “lil fella’s’ nickname should have been “tripod”. Again, we exchanged passing pleasantries as I made my way to my locker to get dressed, and go home for an exciting evening of looking over some potential new revenue streams as most businesses have been hit to some extent due to the backsliding economic conditions. As I was standing outside admiring another gorgeous South Florida day, the diminutive hobbit passed by and stopped, started up at me and said “You obviously noticed my differences, yet you looked past the obvious, a rare quality indeed”, as he handed me his business card his limo pulled up and the largest man I have ever seen hopped out to open the door for him. As he pulled away I glanced down at his card to realize that he was the CEO of an incredibly large, which has since become my single largest client. In the immortal words of Forest Gump’s mother, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.” Isn’t life great!

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  1. As always great blog..its funny the titles we put on folks when it comes to appearance. The tripod reference reminds of the little dude in austin powers…hahahahahahah Happy Thanksgiving..Zman sends

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