The Library is not only for books!


You can tell a lot about a person while observing them in the library; whether they are young, old, married or single, the book they hold under their arm and the periodicals they flip through can be very telling. I myself focus on the young singles. It is just so interesting to see what people in the library are reading and then try to figure out what kind of person they really are. Little old men reading the Wall Street Journal or young guys deep into the latest copy of popular mechanics might not be among those that I would be hanging out with on a regular basis, but I much prefer to see what the ladies are reading. This is not an exact science as I once dated a woman who was sitting by the window of the library with glasses on reading a magazine about knitting. She looked completely different when I caught her act at the pussycat lounge later that evening.

If you are looking for compatibility and companionship you might want to check out those individuals that you have some interest in as well and then strike up a conversation. Letts assume you see a lovely young woman perusing this month’s issue of “SKI” magazine and you are considering a trip to Vail or Aspen this year, (note: if you are contemplating becoming a Sugar daddy and don’t know where these places are…leave now, you are beyond redemption), so, this woman may just become a ski buddy that can quite easily turn into something more. Remember, when a best friend of the opposite sex becomes something much more, you have hit the jackpot! You don’t’ always have to actually spy on what a person is actually reading, you may just linger in the sections where that interesting literature is shelved. Just remember, what a person reads says a lot about what their interests are. OK, time for me to make my move, that hot brunette just picked up a copy of the “life and times of the Marquis de Sade!” Isn’t’ life great!

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  1. Library books

    LOL!!!!!Sounds a lot like me….I’m definitely that girl who would pick up a book by the Marquis!

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