Sugar daddy and the single mom.


Men, love to date. This is a cold, hard, undeniable fact, and so do women. It is only natural that members of the opposite sex enjoy spending time together. I have a hunch God may have planned it that way. Unfortunately, too often these unions do not work out and the two people must go on their separate ways. All to frequently there is a blessed little event that may complicate the matter. Nowadays, singles moms are doing the staggering job of supporting their families by being both mother and father to their children. This requires incredible amounts of energy and self control. It is for this reason that when you begin dating a single mother you absolutely, positively must take into account that although you are dating the mom, it is a package deal. The little (or somewhat larger) bundle of joy may not always be with you in person, but you can rest assured that they will always be there in spirit.

If you are out to a nice dinner, you may be certain to receive at least one call from a child, depending on age or a babysitter interrupting with a minor crisis. If this call doesn’t come your date will wonder why and then excuse herself to go and see why no one has called. Do not be insulted by this lack of attention, it goes with the territory. Rule number one of dating a single mom, “the child always comes first”. Rule number 2 is “see rule number 1”! If you try to win over the mom to the exclusion of the child you will lose, and furthermore, you then should have no business dating a woman with a child as you clearly do not understand the situation. Quite often you will find a woman who is very secure in her situation and has everything under control, I have not found such a woman yet, but I hear they are out there. If this is the case than the rules don’t apply as the both of you are getting out of the relationship what is need. Such a woman would have no problems taking weekend trips or overnight stays as there is more than likely a trusted person behind the scenes. But if this is not the case, overnighters must be planned well in advance, The bottom line is, if a freewheeling, unrestrictive lifestyle is your way of life, then the single mom is not for you. However if being a part of something bigger than yourself intrigues you than dating the single mother could be extremely rewarding.



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2 responses to “Sugar daddy and the single mom.

  1. zentiment

    That’s pretty good advice. I’m not a parent, never dated someone who has a child, but I think it’s the truth.

  2. panda124

    Speaking from experience, you are right on. As a single mother, it is very difficult to get away from home, and when I am, I am thinking about what she is doing. A single mother has alot on her plate, so a man needs to be confident in himself and know that the woman is interested even if she doesn’t call him 5 times a day.

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