Sugar daddy Song Olympics


OK, here we go since I am in a very strange yet playful mood today, I have decided to place all my efforts into thinking of the perfect Sugar daddy song lyrics that come from the past 25 years or so. There are several however that have been automatically deleted from contention, the first being “Having my baby” by Paul Anka, these lyrics need no explanation. We will also not be accepting any lyrics by Carly Simon or “Killing me softly with his song” by Roberta Flack, after all, a Sugar daddy has got to have his standards. In a normal world the winner would probably be “put another log on the fire” by Willie Nelson but if we got rid of Carly, Willie must hit the road again too! So let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with a true Sugar daddy that captures the essence of sugardaddy-hood.

Although there are no set rules for this mock competition, we should keep in mind that an affluent gentleman such as myself would not be listening to any music so sweet that it could kill a diabetic nor anything that would come out the likes of 50 cent; when he hits a dollar, we can talk. Lets confine ourselves to classic rock or pop from the 1970’s and beyond, anything with profanity will not be worthy as will be anything that Britney Spears has danced too. As a hint for those of you who would take up this challenge, any song used in a James Bond movie would definitely qualify. You may even be that adventurous sort that may come up with a few lyrics on your own. BTW, the theme from the Bond Movie “Goldfinger” is the quintessential song for our purposes and was sung by the great Shirley Bassey. This song will be hard to dethrone.



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2 responses to “Sugar daddy Song Olympics

  1. Aww come on.. Tonights the night.. Rod Stewart… give me a break! NEXT!

  2. Got one:

    Marilyn Monroe – Every Baby needs a Daddy

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