Sugar daddy in the workplace


Have you ever been sitting at your desk and noticed an exceptionally attractive young woman walk by, perhaps on her way to the proverbial water cooler or to use the ladies room. How many times have you picked that particular moment to become thirsty yourself, or notice that you have a spot on your tie and need to pay a visit to the restroom? Well this is fine, as it seems the majority of relationships begin in the workplace and studies have shown that most people have what they call an office spouse. This is that person that you spend a lot of time with at work, perhaps the one you have lunch with or that person with whom you share all the office gossip? But what happens if you are a person of immense power at the office or even the CEO of a major corporation? If that is the case you may not have it as easy as the films of the 1960’s may have portrayed it.

If you are such a person, than you need to be especially careful of any relationships, both perceived or genuine if they are occurring in the workplace, as well as your out of the office time. In addition to the many sexual harassment lawsuits that you may be opening yourself up to, you also run the risk of being labeled a Sugardaddy for all the wrong reasons. If a Sugardaddy is in a position of authority or power and has his girl as one of his employees, both he and she will instantly be the fodder for intense office gossip, which ultimately will lead to a break down in control, leading to the dismissal of the woman. Even if this is an innocent, genuine relationship and not a tawdry office affair, it will be viewed as ‘sleeping your way to the top”. If it is inevitable that such an affair take place, the best thing for those involved to do is attempt to transfer, so the individuals are not working within the same division or sector. It is much easier to maintain a work place relationship when both parties are of equal authority, but when you are the top dog someone is very likely to take a fall, and its usually not Boss.



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  1. Mia

    Good advice, I’ll be sure to remember that if I become romantically involved with someone at work.

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