Codes Of Conduct


This is a very risky topic as so many people have very different opinions on the subject of honesty. Although I consider myself to be a man of great integrity, I am not completely in agreement with those who believe complete openness is a healthy thing. What constitutes a little white lie? As a practicing Sugardaddy, should I be completely open if a young woman I am seeing asks me what I am doing this Saturday evening? If I am going out on the town with another woman, should I be completely honest and risk the wrath of this girl or potentially hurt her feelings? I never ask as questions of ‘my’ dates as there should be a common understanding that until we develop into a committed relationship, an individual does not have the right to ask such question. It seems that in so many budding relationships these types of little white lies can escalate into a full scale battle. So the question remains, Are little white lies that spare another person’s feelings or those that make life just a bit simpler; such as “I’m staying in tonight, not feeling to well” in order to do something else, acceptable?

A friend of mine once put in perspective for me when he said “it’s ok to tell a little fib now and then, as long as you’re not the one being lied to.” This was right on target as nobody likes being lied to; in fact most people hate it, whether it’s a big whopper or minor deception. It really is on which side of the deceit you are standing on. Imagine your high school flame has a layover at a local airport and you haven’t seen her in 10 years, you have both moved on but still consider each other friends. If you change plans to spend an hour or two with this woman, but have to cancel with the young lady originally on the dinner calendar, you then enter a no win situation. If you tell the truth, 97.4% of the female population will relentlessly quiz you about how long you have known her? When was the last time you have seen her? Is there any thing still between you? And of course my favorite “is she prettier than me? Your only chance of coming out of this scenario alive is either lie through your teeth and hope you are convincing, (I do believe the bible says this is permissible to preserve peace and harmony) or Cough a few times, say something sweet such as “cough, but baby, I really wanted to see you tonight.” Just don’t let her hear the car door slam as you head for the airport! Isn’t life Grand!



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2 responses to “Codes Of Conduct

  1. zentiment

    I read somewhere that people mostly lie to people they know or care about opposed to people who they just met or don’t know well. Not big lies, but the little white lies, fibs. You lie to protect the other person’s feelings. I agree, I do not think lying is a good way to go, but when you’re doing it to look out for the other person’s feelings, can they really be mad at you when you’re trying to protecting them? I think little lies like this are harmless… long as you don’t get caught!

  2. You could be like my last boyfriend and only tell the truth when asked a direct question. Otherwise, he never disclosed anything.

    But then again, that is deceitful too…

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