Focus baby, Focus


One of the most popular questions I get about being a Sugardaddy is how I acquired my wealth, and why I would want to give any of it away. Since this is a two part question I am going to answer these separately. The key to acquiring anything, whether it wealth or knowledge and even athletic ability is…FOCUS! Guys like Michael Phelps are no different than thousands of other people, yes, he may have had some genetic advantages, but so do many others. The key is that he decided early to go for something that he believed strongly in and therefore was incredibly motivated to achieve. So many people have said that they want something but so few are willing to sacrifice to obtain the object of their desires. When I was struggling to make ends meet, I never lost sight of my goal. Failure is only a temporary condition, not getting back up is what makes it permanent. So whether it is financial, physical or mental, you need to keep trying and trust yourself as you are the one who dictates what you consider success to be.

As for why would I want to assist someone by helping them financially in return for companionship? Why not? It’s my money, I have earned it and can dispose of it in anyway I deem necessary. If someone gives me joy why would I not want to do the same for them? Sometimes an individual only needs a little taste of an affluent lifestyle to give them the drive to create their own lifestyle. It’s not only about money, but about exposure as well. Exposure to a better than average existence and exposure to new and exciting people that can open doors ordinarily not available to the average person may be all that is needed. It’s important to remember that although I can assist in many of these areas, once I open the door, that person must be able to take the next steps on their own. Although, I support various charitable organizations, I like to believe charity begins at home and give vigorously to my favorite causes…Isn’t life wonderful!


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