Dogs of war


Have you ever noticed how so many times you may walk into a public venue and attempt to relax, have a drink and strike up some witty dialogue with an attractive young woman, when out of the corner of your eye you see it. It comes at you slowly, like a big cat stalking its prey, you try not to make any sudden moves and avoid eye contact, but its to late, you are trapped. You blink only for an instant, but that is all the time this devilish creature needs to make its move, that screeching voice penetrates your inner ear from just over the shoulder of the woman you have been chatting with. You are now face to face with the unattractive best friend! “So how do you know my friend” she asks?

Many a man has fallen prey to this woman. She leads her life as the back-up or last line of defense for her attractive friend, whom she claims to be protecting at all costs, the truth however is completely different. The closest male counterpart is known as the “wingman”. It is the wingman’s job to ensure that his buddy does not drink to excess causing him to view the world through beer goggles resulting in his going ugly early triggering all manner of future remorse. The female beast, in reality, does not have her best friends interests at heart, she is merely placing herself in a beneficial position much in the same way a remora follows a shark in order to fest on the morsels left behind. I warn all you brave men who venture into the dominion of the attractive woman’s best friend, either have a well planned exit strategy or bring along a ‘wingman” willing to take one for the team.


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