What’s the difference


OK, here is the question I pose to you today. This one kind of annoys the crap out of me as I detest hypocrisy and small mindedness. I’ve actually been on both sides of this dilemma so I speak from experience. When I wore a younger man’s clothes, let’s just say I was not a teenager, OK, I wasn’t in my early twenties either, oh heck, I was in my mid-thirties and leave it at that! In any event I had not yet attained the level of prosperity that I enjoy today yet still enjoyed my nights on the town. I didn’t drive a luxury car and wasn’t yet dining in the VIP rooms but I had a nice middle class lifestyle. When I went to dinner with a pretty girl, there was never a sarcastic remark from anyone and all seemed normal. Lets jump ahead a few years, I have now accumulated wealth and material possessions, but am proud to say the only thing that has actually changed about me is my address and the price of my belongings, the man is still the same.

So the question is…why is it when I escort a beautiful girl to dinner, the heads turn and some moron sitting at a table by the kitchen door, says in a barely audible whisper to his date, “I bet she’s bought and paid for”! I have thought about this for a while as I can see no discernable difference other than being able to afford better quality clothes and cars. Seriously, if you are a young man just out of college and you have a girlfriend who is struggling right along with you, would you not buy her gifts and take her to dinner when your finances allowed it? Of course you would, its called being a gentleman and a caring person. So why is it that because I can afford bigger and better than most, and am just as likely to try and make my girlfriend happy now as when I was younger, that I am now a dirty old man and my girlfriend, a gold digger? I still help those less fortunate than myself when ever the opportunity arises and I am in a position to help. I would like to say that those who remark without all the facts are merely jealous or brainless, but then I think better of it and realize they are neither. Such people are just not motivated to make the best out of life, they are the ones that complain about how life has dealt them difficult cards and their situation and way of life is not their fault. I used to feel sorry for such people, until I remembered that most had an easier time than I growing up and I made the most out of whatever I had to achieve my lifestyle. From time to time when I am heading out of the inlet on my boat for a weekend in the Bahamas with my lady, I think about those small-minded folks sitting and making small talk about me…but only for a moment as I would much rather enjoy the sunset and drink my martini…Isn’t life great!



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5 responses to “What’s the difference

  1. ….Dudes are jealous cause they are thinking man i would like to be hitting that..and chicks are thinking what is that bitch doing with him..she must be his secretary or some little thing he picked up the wife doesnt know about..thats the truth of it..nobody wants to admit that they enjoyed their single days more then there married ones…Zman sends

  2. confessionsofasingleblackwoman

    More than likely they are jealous because they wished it was them. I would simply ignore them.

  3. zentiment

    I think it’s all about jealousy also. It goes back to the age old saying that they put other people down just to make themselves feel more important. But maybe some of those people aren’t the ones who complain about the hand dealt to them, that their way of life isn’t their fault. Maybe some are hardworking and making the most of their situation and aren’t coming out on top. Didn’t you ever feel the bitterness toward people who had the things you wanted when you were desperately trying to reach for them yet it was all constantly out of your reach? You assume that they are a certain type of person, just as they have their assumptions about you.

  4. valeriejaye

    yep, yep. Definitely jealousy. People are mean in this cruel world. Remarks like that only meant to make you feel uncomfortable and to make your date feel awful about herself. Ignoring is most likely the best thing to do in situations like that.

  5. Milla

    I was out of a date with a fairly older man, and I did notice this sort of reaction too-sadly even from friends. I wasn’t all that surprised, nor did I think anything of it. I was secure in the fact that I was infatuated with this man for who he was, not what he was. As I directly looked at the woman with the distorted faces; I felt almost smug in the fact that that was the last thing they would assume as my reason to be with him. It’s sad how most people tend to compare things to themselves, and when these things are more beautiful, and seemly better than their opinions of their own lives relationships, and self…they decide to find excuses to why it is wrong…they do this so they can feel holier-in effect feed their insecurities, and maybe even tame their unsatisfied desires. So when I get this sort of reaction…(so should anyone who provokes this sort of audience)…I smile, and know that this has nothing to do with me whatsoever. It’s their way of feeling better in life. Who am I to judge them for their little pleasures? 😉

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