Men will be boys


Although I am single, I still do still spend quite a lot of time with various friends of mine that are either married or living together.  I’m not entirely considered to be a third wheel as I usually am accompanied by a date, or I find companionship along the way. Nobody seems to mind as I am looked upon as family by both my friends and their significant others. The problem always seems to arise when one of my buddies seems to stray from his marital vows and seems not to mind about doing it in front of me. I constantly remind them that even though they are my friends, their wives have become close to me as well.  This puts me in a very awkward position, which I feel I should never be put in. No matter how much I complain, I guess boys will boys, and although I grew up a bit differently, kind of a renaissance man I imagine, my hard fast rule is flirt all you want, just don’t do anything in front of me, as I will never lie for anyone.

A few of us had flown down to Costa Rica, in Central America as we do quite often to go fishing. We have ex-patriate American friends down there so there is always decent lodging and a boat for our use. The problem usually comes when we initially arrive in the Capital city of San Jose, where we spend a few days before heading for one of the coastal towns that we fish out of. I love to surf as well, so this trip was to Flamingo Bay, which is just north of a favorite surfing town called Tamarindo. The people there are as nice as can be and the night life can be wild as well. I usually fly in a day or so after my friends to avoid the drunken nights of gambling and rental women before we head to the coast. My philosophy being, if I don’t see it, I can’t talk about it. It was raining when the cab took me from the airport to Hotel Del Rey, which boasted the most popular bar and casino in the city. It also had more than its share of women. The rain had delayed our departure to the coast for a day which meant I had to stay the night. I was not happy about this. Although I am a man who adores women and have had some very wild nights, I still am the only one who is unattached and I can do the same things back home. I come here to fish and surf.



To shorten this story, I was sitting at the Blue Marlin Bar at the hotel smoking a good Cuban cigar and stirring a martini when 3 of my friends joined me with 3 lovely women on their arms. The women had just excused themselves to visit the restroom, which prompted my friends to ask me if I was going to keep quiet about what I had seen that night. As I continued to sit back in my comfortable chair, I puffed my Cohiba and sipped my drink; I began to smile from ear to ear. I looked them all right in the eye and said, “course I will keep quiet, after all I promised your wives the same thing.”Ahhhhhh, isn’t life grand!



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5 responses to “Men will be boys

  1. Well that’s just unsettling. Ugh…

  2. Dude all I can say is that if you are the single dude and you bed down younger hottties…As a married guy I either live through you vicarously or tend another mans crop……either way I would expect you to roll with it..its the DUDE CODE..Zman sends

  3. zentiment

    Haha. What quick wit.

  4. …I’m going to guess that this story ended with you getting punched in the face.

  5. I suppose it does take two. And I guess you do it because You Can.
    I would never be part of something like this … I will not be a toy for anyone.
    Being bought is not the answer to happiness.
    At least that’s my view!

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