Sugar Daddy Hot Spots


A very good friend of mine used to constantly ask me how I would always return from a trip and walk off the plane with an attractive woman at my side. This was always a source of both amusement and frustration for him, as he got such a thrill to see who I would be walking with, (once it was even a relatively well known celebrity), yet it annoyed him as I never told him how I always seemed to find these young women. Well, today I reveal the secret. I’m one of those people that travel a lot and can’t stand to get caught in a crowd; as such I have several club memberships to various airlines frequent flyer clubs. It is within these hallowed halls that the pretty people hang out. In the Delta crown room, for instance, once past the gate keepers lies a world of fascination, where scantily clad women dance on the table tops and gourmet meals are served by the finest chefs, the top shelf drinks flow endlessly and all is perfect in the world. OK, now that I have your attention, its not anything like that, there are however plenty of comfortable chairs, private bathrooms and quite often nice snacks and overpriced but tasty beverages. All in all a very nice place to wait for a flight. Since I am never alone in these places, there is always someone to strike up a conversation with, and due to the location, most often that person too is used to a better than average lifestyle.

It is much easier to talk to an attractive woman in such a setting as it is quieter than the outside flight gate area, and you are usually pampered there as well. OK, here is the big key, if you happen to see a beautiful woman alone and begin a conversation with her, you can invite her into the lounge with you! This almost always has the desired effect of impressing the young lady and winning her over. Now comes the best part, the reservation specialists who check your credentials when entering the lounge would always be most happy to do some seat rearranging to allow you sit next to your new friend, and if you are seated in a first class cabin with empty seats, they may even offer a complimentary upgrade for the lady. This is the icing on the cake if you are attempting to make an impression for future possibilities. An important fact to remember is that if you are dressed like a construction worker, you are much less likely to receive any upgrades or attention! As I would depart the plane and head to my waiting friend to drive me home, I would always have already traded contact information with the lady, and with a kiss goodbye, I would leave my new acquaintance and head smiling to my bewildered buddy. Ahhhhhh, life is grand!

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