Not so Political ramblings


Well, the elections are finally over and the United States will shortly have a new Commander-in-Chief sitting behind the resolute desk in the oval office in Washing D.C. This has been a long year of campaigns, crises and what I feel was way too much partisan bickering found on every news channel you would turn to. The good news is that by doing as much channel surfing as I was forced into to avoid throwing the remote control at some of the idiots who profess to be newsmen, I discovered some great new shows to watch and found out some extremely important facts. The little baby “Stewie” on “Family Guy” is gay and is bent on world domination. This eerily reminds me of a transsexual I’ve seen down on South Beach in Miami. The series “House” has nothing to do with real estate but instead is about a curmudgeonly crippled doctor who enjoys torturing his medical staff. Which if you think about it sounds a lot like Bill O’reilly of FOX news, just replace the curmudgeonly doctor with a boorish Newsman and the medical staff with, well…just about anyone else!

I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing by getting out of the house and having a life! Need to put a stop to that, my recliner is calling my name! But, back to the facts, we have a new President and a Congress that is controlled by the same political party. OK guys, now you can’t blame anyone else so get on the ball and make my life better. It was very strange to see how people in foreign countries viewed this election, at times it was exhilarating, yet at other times it scared the heck out of me. It makes you think that there is a real chance for ‘change’ as this is what President-Elect Obama’s platform had been, which is a wonderful thing, but when you hear how happy some of our less than friendly global neighbors are touting his election, I get a bit worried, what do they know that I don’t? In any event, we wish the new head honcho of the USA the best of luck and feel confident that if any world predicaments can be decided by a one on one basketball game, we have the advantage. (This Sugar daddy has approved this message).




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