Romance is not dead, only in a Coma


A bunch of friends and I were sitting at a little outdoor bistro by the bay having an enthusiastic discussion about politics as the presidential election was now upon us. The economy, national security and the energy crisis were all discussed with great passion. To lighten the moment, as well as to calm the men who had begun raising their voices to an irritating level, I posed a very poignant question, “how will the state of the union change the way in which a Sugar daddy operates?” I didn’t mean if we could afford to do things we normally would do, as even in a difficult economy a true Sugar daddy will have sufficient disposable income to live a lavish lifestyle. The point I was trying to make is how I can be different than all the other men yet still display that I have the means to enjoy life on my own terms.

That very night I invited a young lady that I had been seeing to come to my home for dinner, instead of dining out at one of the usual restaurants I regularly patronized. OK, Lesson for all you potential Sugardaddies out there, being consistent is very important as long as you occasionally shake it up once in a while to keep an air of mystery about yourself. So my plan was to challenge this woman to a series of events on my new wii game unit. The loser would then have to…well, you get the idea! You may laugh at this but its amazing how just being silly and laughing can bring two people closer together, and no crack about a 40+ year old man with a game console, it works for me!

Well, to make a long story short, the battle raged on for hours, and although she kicked my butt in wii bowling, I dominated in golf and slalom skiing! Just about the time we decided to take a break, the doorbell rang and dinner arrived. Did I ever mention that there are places you can order food from that will not only deliver your gourmet meals, but will include a wait staff to come and serve you as well? Remember, even the easy things that most people would take for granted can be turned into a memorable experience. Being a Sugar daddy is not only about wealth, it is about lifestyle. This includes thinking outside the box. Remember this, even something so simple as inviting a young lady to dinner can turn an “Average Joe” into a rock star if you merely put some thought into it!



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2 responses to “Romance is not dead, only in a Coma

  1. You know.. really you aren’t the average sugardaddy… you have class and ingenuity… great going!

  2. Coma is a extended period of unconscious stage, more specifically speaking coma is profound unconscious stage. The affected patient dont show any response to stimuli such as light, pain etc.

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