A day at the beach

Today the beach was an incredible place to be. There was a light tropical breeze, calm clear water, and just enough tourists laying on the sand attempting to tan before going back to their hometowns to show off their time in the tropics, to make me happy. I could not have picked a finer day to conduct business from my new iphone while lounging on my beach chair.  I was bewildered how women from the north would come to one of our local beaches and have no reservations about tanning topless on a public beach here, but would never consider wearing even a tiny full bathing suit close to home. I guess it’s kind of like the maxim “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I had just clicked off my last call for a while and was just making myself comfortable for an hour or so of mindless day dreaming when I noticed a few guys in their early twenties walking down the beach, making it a point to stop immediately behind each topless or thong clad woman. They would brazenly stare for minute or so, or until the woman awoke and began yelling at them. They would then continue moving along. As they band of morons neared, I noticed the young lady about 15 feet to my right observe the group, she then rolled over onto her stomach  so as to not give the men a reason to linger, however the white thong against her tan and tone body made it a certainty that she was  in for a tough time.


Being the consummate gentleman that I am, I got up and without delay moved over to sit down next to this woman on her towel. I began talking to her as if I had known her for many years; she took the hint and joined the game.  The bunch slowed as they passed behind us, I gave them look that could only indicate that this was my territory, and I was willing to defend it forcefully and that I regarded them as ants to be stepped on. As they left I began my apologies for taking matters into my own hands, to which she stated how happy she was that I did.  This young woman appreciated that I took a risk to assist a complete stranger and then asked if I’d like to move my chair a bit closer so we could talk. I was now in heaven! Staci and I chatted the afternoon away, and as I rubbed tanning oil on her toned body for the third time we decided that a quiet dinner at my apartment was my reward for being such a gentleman. Ahhhh, you just have to love a day at the beach!




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2 responses to “A day at the beach

  1. Good form!!!! Now that has style!

  2. You’re proof to women that chivalry is not dead!!

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