A Sugar daddy by any other name

I was recently out at my favorite upscale watering hole, and while waiting for some close friends to arrive I struck up a conversation with the gentleman who was standing to my right. He seemed nice enough, in his mid to late 50’s grayish whiskers but very neatly trimmed. Over a few martinis we began to speak of all manner of topics and it wasn’t long before the dialogue turned to my favorite subject, “Sugar daddy”. I had told him how my lifestyle had changed over the past ten years, from middle income to a good amount of disposable income, all from a little business idea I had while reading Entrepreneur magazine one day after eating some very bad fish tacos, thus requiring a lengthy stay on the porcelain throne. The man seemed generally interested in what I had to say and then began to ask questions. He asked “of all the women you have dated, is there one that stands out from the rest?” “Is there one woman who would have been with you even if you didn’t have such wealth?” I stood a bit straighter and looked at him in amazement, “how did you k now” I asked? He then explained to me how most men have that one girl in their lives that started them on their journey and for some silly reason we let that one get away. For some men, being a Sugar daddy is all about having control over another to compensate for a lack of control somewhere in their past. The true Sugarbabe is not an escort; she is merely someone who doesn’t need to dominate a relationship but merely enjoys the company of their benefactor and may agree to relinquish some control for a number of reasons.

The conversation continued for a while longer and this very nice gentleman began to tell me how he had created and sold several businesses, and how his life had been ruled by his need for power, control and wealth. This unfortunately had cost him his wife and children and although he made ungodly money, it wasn’t worth his two heart attacks. He then suggested I don’t flaunt my wealth or try to exercise undo control over the women I date, to enjoy the moment and play a role to make others feel important as well. This man whose net worth must have been substantial was now imparting upon me some incredible wisdom, on life the universe and everything. Life is series of events that you have complete control over your own actions, you need only think of how this affects others.

As my new friend kept glancing down at his watch, I noticed a spectacular Lamborghini Gallardo pull up to the valet and an even more spectacular woman in her mid thirties step out from behind the wheel. I watched as she bypassed the line to get inside and then just nodded in my direction, my new friend smiled and reminded me of our conversation and then met the women halfway and embraced her. He then entered that fabulous vehicle from the passenger side and they were off. As I pulled out my credit card to get the bill, the bartender waived me off and told me it’s covered. I then asked who that woman was? He replied, you should know, you are drinking in one of her restaurants. Ya just never know.



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3 responses to “A Sugar daddy by any other name

  1. lmcb

    wow interesting blog 😉

  2. Your friend…. he had the right idea…

  3. Guess there is something to said for having a sugarmomma…Zman sends

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