Boot Camp for Sugardaddies

I am getting so sick and tired meeting women in hopes of finding that special person, only to email them and in return I get a list of demands! I can understand politely asking what their allowance may be or some ‘let’s get acquainted’ requests, but these are outright commands. After all, I am the one who busted his tushy for many years to achieve an affluent lifestyle and some disposable income. The funny thing is, that I don’t blame the women who are making such outlandish requests as much as I blame the men, who in the past have given in to every pretty face that shows some interest. Being a Sugar daddy is fundamentally about influence and the ability to demonstrate for another a better than average way of life. If all I wanted was a woman to make demands of me and tell me what “SHE” wants in return for companionship, I would have been better off getting married!

I say this with all manner of respect to all current and potential Sugardaddies, although this is a mutually beneficial relationship, there is a far greater number of attractive women in the world than there are millionaires, and as such you need to be a bit more assertive, after all, you have the far rarer commodity. I quite often feel like running a boot camp for Sugardaddies in order to enlighten them as to proper procedure and protocol when having a dialogue with a potential dialogue. If an attractive woman immediately asks you for financial assistance without actually sitting and getting to know you, a red flag should up and you should walk, no RUN to the nearest exit. For the prospective Sugarbabe, if a gentleman immediately begins negotiations in order to coax you into his boudoir, this too should be a warning for you to choose another Sugardaddie.

A Sugar daddy and Sugar babe arrangement is a comprise, and while this is a quid pro quo scenario, it is not something that you can get merely by a quick stop over to the ‘Bunny Ranch’ during your next trip to Las Vegas. This relationship is so much more than a financial arrangement. It should actually be a caring relationship which allows both individuals to grow and experience new and exciting things. The financial aspect is only important if there is a greater amount of respect and understanding.


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4 responses to “Boot Camp for Sugardaddies

  1. taleoftheinsensitiveprincess

    hi sugardaddy! thanks for leaving a comment on my page… i felt osmewhat better. i hope somehow you were able to read my other blog entries… lewis, the man i love, was pretty much like a “sugar daddy” i’d say. yeah, he’s not old enough to be called a sugar daddy, but in reality, he’s currently in a 16mos relationship with another woman and just ended a 4-yr-relationship last july. that other girl whom he’s currently involve with’s getting financial support from him up to the last cent his woman spends everyday… one reason why he can’t leave that woman, per him, is that “she” will literally die if he’d leave her and get no more financial support =( reality bites isn’t it?! anyway, i appreciate the thought so much!!! keep safe and god bless…

  2. Good for you.. I agree. You know shame on the woman who enters into this type of situation and expects you to be her slave. Screw that. It has to be mutual or not at all!

  3. sarah rose

    You’re absolutely right mister.. human beings aren’t meant to be disposable creatures used for personal happiness. Happiness should be mutual. You only deserve as much love and respect as you can give in return and I hope you never forget that 😉

  4. erkle

    I am tired and sick of having to take women out and please them only so I can take them home and please on them them some more. If I don’t then word may gets around by calling me cheap or no good. If you feel for me then, please me; take me out, show me a good time and do me real good so that I know we have something. Otherwise, it is just friends with benefits; nothing more.

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