Politics and Sugardaddies, not as different as you may think

OK, I know what you are thinking, this time I’ve really put my foot in my mouth, but if you take the time to consider the similarities you may come over to my side of the aisle or the boudoir if you prefer! What does a politician actually do? He listens to the needs of his constituents and does his best to provide for them. Since the money at his disposal comes from the taxpayers, his wealth may be substantial, but it is spent on the masses. Now, lets ask what the ‘Snake” I mean politician requires in return for taking care of you (the citizen), well, he wants your love and affection. This comes in the form of your vote each and every time he comes up for re-election. This is why the approval rating is so important to Politicians

Now for the Sugar daddy, this gentleman also has significant wealth behind him and he too wants to provide for the well being of those he cares about. The young lady he chooses to take under his wing will of course have her needs provided for. What she will give in return can also be love and affection and perhaps companionship as well. The big difference at this point (aside from the numbers) is that the politician’s rewards and expenditures are a matter of public record while the Sugardaddie’s terms are much more discreet.


I understand my comparison is a big stretch of the imagination, but think about it. Both the politician and the Sugardaddy are there to assist the needs of others while seeking something in return. This mutually beneficial relationship exists in the hallowed rooms of congress as well as the private bedrooms across America, and after watching the Presidential campaigns for the past few months, I’m not quite sure which type of relationship I trust more.



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4 responses to “Politics and Sugardaddies, not as different as you may think

  1. amateurnotions

    Interesting comparison, not all too big of a stretch, in my opinion.

  2. You got a laugh out of me today… great analogy!

  3. Sparks

    Yes …sounds pretty similiar to me! We welcome all the politicians and sugardaddies.

  4. jules

    Mmm. I like your blog. Some good warnings about the need for respect and quid pro quo. Re politicians tho… some politicians are men of means and are in politics not for ego, power for its own sake etc, but to improve peoples lives . Eg by reducing taxes… same with musicians : the best are doing it for the love of doing good music. Don’t underestimate the lure of vocation. It’s also very sexy to have a vocation…

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