Do Not Take Offence

I undestand that some women may find the whole concept of being with a successful man a little on the fake/superficial side. I can hear the comments “look at here she is only with the guy for his money”. All I can say is maybe, maybe not who is too really know.

The way I look at it is so many of my friends and associates are either single due to divorce or unhappily married (not saying all of them are) but a high percentage I can see are bored in their marriage. So if Im really not looking to settle down and am happy being a sugar daddy and do not care about people questioning my relationships Id say I d rather people question what I do than be stuck in a lousy marriage or relationship.



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4 responses to “Do Not Take Offence

  1. Do what you feel most comfortable doing. What other people think should have no bearing. The ones that will comment negatively are those in unhappy relationships!

  2. I agree with you totally. Hey if it works for both parties… then great. Problem is only if the two people end up with different priorities.

    NSA relationships are great as long as no one changes their minds……

  3. Hey if it works for you then keep doing what your doing…marriage is tough it takes alot of work, most people are probably jealous what you got goin on Zman sends

  4. Most of my friends are either married with kids or in a serious relationship. The sad thing is, I dont think any of them are really in love, they’re together because it’s convenient. I’d rather be in a NSA drama-free relationship… and be spoiled. Why not?

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