What Would You Rather Have?

The scenario being that your daughter is interested in two different men and needs a little advice in which one you feel she should date.

Man 1) He is doing ok but not really pushing himself and probably will be an avergae Joe all his life.

Man2 Personality traits etc are the same as above but this man is driven and has and will become more successful.




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2 responses to “What Would You Rather Have?

  1. Thats a hard one… I think that I would tell her to go with the one that makes her the most happy, the one that is there for her the most, the one that has the most hopes and dreams that she can see her self being part of and being happy.

    It is hard to decided for someone who they should be with when you don’t know the 2 options and you don’t know the person you are making the decision for.

  2. money in the end doesn’t make a person happy. I would choose the one who treated her the best, and showed her the best version of herself.

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