Is It Annoying To Be Pretty ?.

If God has been kind and graced a women with beauty why is it that some of them look so uncomfortable in their skin. Of course men stare at beauty and always will so why haven’t these women got used to. Come to that why have men not got used to the fact that plenty of these beautiful women are single because many men do not have the guts to approach them for fear of rejection..

If these women relaxed and the men grew a set of balls Im sure a lot more people would be dating with the possibility of taking it further.



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4 responses to “Is It Annoying To Be Pretty ?.

  1. You know, its interesting this subject. I have seen countless beautiful women end up with really nothing guys that don’t even treat them well.

    Society tells us women that we are sinful to be beautiful in a way. Like we should be ashamed of our bodies. In the other way, we are told that we have to be to get a man…

    Confusing huh?

  2. Mia

    It is kind of annoying to be pretty because I hate being stared at like a piece of meat. I can tell the difference between a guy checking me out and staring at me. As listed here, in my blog:

  3. When i first started being told I’m stunning or drop-dead gorgeous AND had a great personality, I thought “Cool, I’m a great catch”. Now I realize it’s not that good, cause most men are intimidated and think you’re out of their league. You’re right, men DO need to grow a set of balls!

  4. Reese

    This is so true, everywhere I go men stare at me but I haven’t had a boyfriend in forever.
    One guy who thought I was hot told me that he wouldn’t know how to handle me. Wtf they allegedly want hot chicks but they can’t step up to the plate when she’s right there.
    So annoying.

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