Divorce Rates.

Why is it that when a couple gets married in India the chances of them getting divorced is about 1%, yet 45% of new married couples in the USA get divorced. Why is this?. I suppose one factor to take into consideration is location, if you live in a desolate village where the majority of your life is working and looking after your family you are probably less likely to wonder. Firstly to be honest most of what I see on tv of India (as I have not been their) seems to consist of quite remote villages and lets be honest Ive never really noticed bars, clubs or restauarants in any of these villages which are probably one of the most common places used.


When I see the statistics of marriages failing compared to other countries or even compared to years ago I am not so alarmed as the world has changed we have way more distractions in life and lots more social venues. Ive also come to the conclusion that many people marry for the fear of being lonely which is not exactly the best remedy for a lasting relationship.



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  1. I think it’s because of having higher personal expectations in the marriage, that the other person will meet all of your needs. When that doesn’t happen, a lot of people get divorced, figuring the spouse was not the “right person” after all.

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  2. user101

    Many people marry not only because of the fear of being lonely, but because of the fact that this is what society expects of them.

    Oh, and if divorce wasn’t so easy and perhaps looked down on a bit more, people would be more inclined to stay in the marriage.

    Last, but not least, it’s because many of the people getting married are ‘stupid’. They’re teenagers, or even adults getting married because they are so in love, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 40, you need to REALLY get the know the person you’re about to marry. And I have a feeling that’s a step that the majority is missing.

  3. sickscorpio

    One of the reasons divorce rates are so low in India, Pakistan and most of the muslim countries is that women are not independent. They are kept dependent upon men by religious institutions which never tire of reminding them that they are inferior to men and that their place is inside the home. Most of the low divorce rate societies are male-dominated and you’ll also find that men are allowed multiple marriages, which simply lets them get a new woman if they’re not satisfied with the one they already have. And women can’t afford divorce coz they can’t work and sustain themselves and the fact that the society won’t approve of a divorced woman (and look down upon them rather than the men).

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