Cell Phone Gripe

So I have just read that train drivers in California are to be banned from using their cell phones. Whoever it was or collective group of people that decided on this could have probably come up with this ban quite a long time ago if they used my local supermarket. Half the time Iam either dodging someone who has made an abrupt move or Im stuck behind someone who basically just decides to stop as they need to finish the cell phone conversation.

The other day I actually noticed someone walk into the supermarket on the phone they disappeared into the crowd then a couple of minutes later i see this persom reappear looking for a basket. This proves to me how useless people become once on the phone they cannot do two jobs at once and it annoys the hell out of me.


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One response to “Cell Phone Gripe

  1. I heard somewhere that driving while talking on the phone is about the equivalent to driving while boozing.

    You would think that once the state made the driving/phone ban, this would include ALL major vehicles… especially trains that, oh I dunno, transport HUNDREDS of people?!

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