Why Are Women So Indecisive

When it comes to relationships I have found over the years that many women say one thing and mean something completely different. Why is it a lot of people cannot be straight talkers. Even though I have had many a successful relationship it still fascinates me how some women can show an interest but deep down inside they have no interest at all. These people probably do not realize that by doing this is actually creating more of a problem for themselves, it is actually easierto be polite and so no Im not interested than to string someone along.

Oh how Im ranting today but that is what this blog is for right?. Im just not a lover of indecisive people and this weekend seemed to be full of those people “flip flops” there you go that seems to a current word. Maybe I just placed this post out of frustartion due to a lacklustre weekend. I will resolve this and move on “To infinity and beyond”.


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2 responses to “Why Are Women So Indecisive

  1. Ah.. I don’t know. I think it comes from both sexes if you ask me. I have known plenty of men who can’t make up their minds in case the “bigger better deal” comes along…

  2. Barrington James

    By far women are the most indecisive of our species. From being hell bent on getting exactly what you want, then getting it and being unhappy about it. Then doing a complete 180, getting what you want, then being unhappy again. Turning around to start over exactly where you came to be unhappy to change your mind again. Yeah..I don’t think you know women very well.

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