3 Mistakes Men Make

Im going to give you a run down of 3 classic mistakes men make when taking women out on a date.

1). They get over excited on the first date and usually get all their emotions caught up. If the date goes well they look way further into the future that the 2nd date which will ultimately cause a problem as they are thinking with the wrong part of the body.

2). Say way too much on the first date and with the blabber mouth and a combination of alcohol they are asking for trouble in the future as the women will always remember what is said.

3). Are not imaginative enough when it comes to taking a girl out. Every girl has been to a quality restaurant or a classy bar. Come on guys use your imagination make the girl feel special.


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  1. I say here here to this one too. Effort and thoughtfulness go a really long way in a woman’s heart.

    Taking her to a fine restaurant is one thing.. but making a picnic for her and taking her somewhere to enjoy your efforts brings it to a whole new level.

    Anyone can plop down a credit card. But how many men are willing to put in the effort to go to the store, buy food, prepare food, select a spot, and take a woman and spoil HER. not many I tell you!

    Good for you!

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